Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Memory of Alex

This is from a greeting card that I bought for my husband -

Yours is the smile
I look forward to each morning,
and yours is the voice
I love to hear throughout the day.
Yours is the touch
that can reach my heart and soul,
and it is your understanding
that so often calms
my doubts and fears. . .
Yours are the plans
and dreams
that blend with mine,
becoming ours,
and yours is the love
that means the world to me.
My life would be so different
if you weren't a part of it,
and that is why no one
has more to celebrate today
than I do. . .
my husband, my soul mate,
my very best friend.

In memory of Alex
May 8, 1942 - October 22, 2004