Monday, June 1, 2009

Bathing Suit Debacle

I'm overweight - I know it - today June 1st I have started again - seriously - no - don't roll your eyes - I AM SERIOUS!!!!

anyway. . .

I went to the store on Saturday and while my sister was buying sheets I decided to try on bathing suits. The one I have been wearing is seven years old - I know this because I bought it to go to my oldest daughter's bridal shower in Houston. It is awful - but I really know what it is like to shop for a bathing suit when you look the way I do - but - I thought - foolishly - how bad could it really be????

A friend told me to try a tankini - I even went up a size just to make sure it would fit - and perhaps have the small pleasure of having to go to a smaller size - (cue hysterical laughter) so I picked out a nice chocoate brown outfit - and went in to try it on. Am I the only one that worries about hidden cameras ? I put the suit on - looked in the mirror and what do I see??? A stack of donuts stacked on top of each other with a head and arms --- aughhhhhhh!!!! I got out of the thing and got dressed - my sister called me and asked me where I was - I told her I was in the "fitting" room and I had just finished trying on a bathing suit and was trying to commit suicide with my nail clipper.

I decided to go to the jewelry department immediately - I needed something gold and something that would be my size!!! I told the saleslady I was depressed because I had just been trying on bathing suits and needed something to cheer me up. I talked myself down from buying the $150 gold earrings and then my phone rang - it was my sister looking for me again.

Today I planned out what I would eat - and wrote everything down - the journey begins again...