Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stormy Weather

We have been having really strong rainstorms here - with lots of thundering going on - one of the ad reps came back to our office today and had a photo of a tornado that she saw nearby.

Sunday I went to the beach and met Kiki there - the waves, for this area, were really good and the surfers were all out in full force. I had packed two diet sandwiches, some cherries and Lipton Diet Green Tea - which I drink all the time - it's good when you want something more than water but you don't want a soda. Kik had to leave after awhile and I stayed on - I had brought part of my Sunday NY Times with me and spent time reading that and also had a mystery book, Catering to Nobody by Diane Mott Davidson - a cooking mystery book if you can believe that - you get very hungry reading her books! The day was right up there with all perfect Sunday afternoons.

Last week was really fun because I got to meet Kukie, Kenady and Kik for lunch - it was really great meeting "the bloggers" and knowing that I "know" them - but not really having voices and faces to go with it all and kind of getting more of the puzzle of friendships and caring about each other to come together in a whole picture. I was happy they included me and sorry I had to go back to work and leave the party - and they were having a party!!! I am fortunate that Kik has introduced me to so many valuable and truly kind people through her blogging.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flower Girls & Ring Bearers

This is a favorite topic of mine - ask my daughters and they will tell you.

I happen to be one of perhaps a few people that do not think children under six should be participating in a wedding ceremony and I am curious about what others think. Am I wrong or am I right???

The first and foremost reason why I feel a little one shouldn't be in the ceremony is because I believe it is way too much pressure for a 2 - 3 yr old to face as they stand at the head of the aisle and everyone turns and is smiling waiting to see what she/he will do. It is a recipe for disaster - and I have personally seen it happen too many times. In fact I have never been to a wedding with a child in the wedding party where something doesn't go wrong. I was the head teacher for a two year old nusery school program for eight years and I feel I can speak with some authority on at least 2-3 yr olds. I have actually called it child abuse at times - why inflict that on a little child when they don't have the maturity or the grace to handle all that attention?

I don't understand when a couple have spent so much time and money to create a wonderful and special ceremony that they are willing to let it be destroyed in the blink of an eye by this little person. This is the bride's day - a really special day - why does she want to share it with a little munchkin? A very cute but possibly out of control child. I have been to weddings where the flower girl walked around the altar while the minister talked and almost set the bride's veil on fire by tipping over a candle holder - I (who never make a scene) yelled out, "Watch out!!!" - that one was really freightening.

One wedding we went to the flower girl walked around - climbed up on the platform - called to the people in the bridal party - we couldn't even hear the couple reciting their vows because of her behavior. I really believe weddings are a momentous time in your life - sacred and meaningful - a time of happiness - why should the guests be sitting there worrying about what some little one is going to do next instead of paying attention to the ceremony?

When I was married I had the church nursery set up with babysitters so the parents could enjoy the ceremony and the kids could play - and there weren't any crying babies or children talking out loud during the ceremony.

I love children and babies - but - I also believe in letting them be children in the right circumstances and not putting undo pressure on them.

Thank you for listening -

Friday, August 1, 2008

Children's Books

For eight years I was the head teacher for the two-year old program at a private nursery school on Long Island and I really loved it. Talk about getting lots of unconditional love - that is what those little munchkins handed out all day.

One of my favorite things to do was to read stories to them and from all my experience I can spot a good story book in seconds. Last night I went to Barnes with my Mom and sister - loved it - bought a new Home Companion magazine - new book for myself and then I was looking at the children's books - Splat the Cat - is a great book that I saw last night. I love doing voices and facial expressions and watching a child be drawn into a good story.

One of the all time favorites is Dinnertime by Jan Pienkowski - a scary book but so much fun - it is a pop-up book so it is one that I guard but still have fun with. All my grandchildren love it - I have a whole bunch of books that I bring with me to read to them when I visit and they can count on me reading to them when they are here. One of my least favorite books is any Richard Scary book. I always look for a book with really good art work - whether it is creative - detailed - graphic - and a really good story - or fun to read.

When my children were young I always had a bookshelf in the living room devoted to just children's books that I would read to them - it was important to me that they learn to handle books carefully as "books are our friends." I still buy at least one really good children's book for myself at Christmas. I could really spend a fortune on those books!