Friday, August 1, 2008

Children's Books

For eight years I was the head teacher for the two-year old program at a private nursery school on Long Island and I really loved it. Talk about getting lots of unconditional love - that is what those little munchkins handed out all day.

One of my favorite things to do was to read stories to them and from all my experience I can spot a good story book in seconds. Last night I went to Barnes with my Mom and sister - loved it - bought a new Home Companion magazine - new book for myself and then I was looking at the children's books - Splat the Cat - is a great book that I saw last night. I love doing voices and facial expressions and watching a child be drawn into a good story.

One of the all time favorites is Dinnertime by Jan Pienkowski - a scary book but so much fun - it is a pop-up book so it is one that I guard but still have fun with. All my grandchildren love it - I have a whole bunch of books that I bring with me to read to them when I visit and they can count on me reading to them when they are here. One of my least favorite books is any Richard Scary book. I always look for a book with really good art work - whether it is creative - detailed - graphic - and a really good story - or fun to read.

When my children were young I always had a bookshelf in the living room devoted to just children's books that I would read to them - it was important to me that they learn to handle books carefully as "books are our friends." I still buy at least one really good children's book for myself at Christmas. I could really spend a fortune on those books!


Anonymous said...

You hold the bar so high on reading to my kids...if I even try to read a book that you have read them they will say "That's not the right voice" or "That's not how Nana does it".

Teresa said...

Wow...that's awesome that your bring books with you when you go see your grandkids or even have them at your house! And that's too funny that Heather's kids say that about the voices etc. What a bond you all have! I love it!

kenady said...

Have you read Skippy John Jones? Hilarious!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Books are fantastic - we have tried to instill a love of books in all of our kids.

I agree about the Richard Scarey books - the only one we bought was a counting to 100 one which was quite good fun. We loved Spot the Dog books, which had little flaps in them - "There's spot, hiding under the rug - oh no it's not, it's Tom the Crocodile!"

Claire said...

Kenaday & the Chief - Now I can't wait to get to the bookstore to check out the books y'all are talking about!!

Logzie - I don't pack the books when I'm flying - wellll - maybe the "Dinnertime" book.

H - I always love it when they don't want me to stop : )

The Mrs. said...

Thanks for the suggestions! Landon stands on his books and I nearly kill him! Books are our friends might just work!