Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who Does He Think He Is??????

This morning, while upstairs making my bed, I heard my doorbell ring so I went downstairs to answer it and no one was there. I stood there at the open door and looked but no one appeared and I shut the door and walked towards my kitchen. This was all happening at about 9 a.m. and as I headed into the kitchen my back door started to open and a man was cautiously coming in saying hello - I got to the door and realized it was the AC repairman and I asked him if the door had been unlocked. He told me that it wasn't and that my landlord, Tom, had used his key to unlock the door. He then told me that Tom had knocked and rung the doorbell - but - I was upstairs so I didn't hear the knock.

This is not the first time Tom has done something like this - he has actually gone into other tenants places while they were upstairs sleeping and fixed whatever and then left and the tenant hasn't realized he's been there until after they come down later in the morning. I've had it. I'm going to call him and talk to him about how unappropriate it is for him to do this - my car was in its parking place and he could have called me on his cell to alert me. I am also going to buy two strong chains for my front and back door so this won't happen again.

I know I have a strong sense of privacy and boundaries but he just stepped way over them!!!!

He's having a new stove delivered for me this afternoon so I will wait until it is installed before I confront him! Thanks for listening.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Visit to DC

I went to DC last January where two of my daughters live and one day my youngest daughter, April, took me to see the National Botanical Gardens and the National Gallery. I had never been to the Botanical Garden and just fell in love with it. The next time you're in DC make sure you go!

The shot of the Lilies of the Valley isn't that great - but they are my favorite flower and they don't grow here in S.C.

These orchids made me laugh - I can remember when women wore huge corsages of these on mother's day - my Mom never has liked corsages and would have killed us all if we ever gave her one of those back in the day! If I'm wearing a corsage it will always be gardenias.

Have to include one of these - thought the cloud looked really fake!

My dear daughter - I'm trying to resist saying "my baby" - and see I couldn't!

Being in this place in the middle of January in DC was magical.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Lighthouse

This is the photo taken by my daughter Lauren of the Horton Lighthouse that is on Long Island. It is never in any calendars of lighthouses or even books for that matter (I think I did find it in an obscure book one time) but our family loves this lighthouse and if and when we are out on the North Fork we always go to visit it.

My grandmother was a Horton and this place is part of our legacy. In the town of Southold nearby there is a very old cemetery where Barnabas Horton was buried in 1680 and had a carved cover on his grave. This is what it says:

Here sleeps my body tombed in its dust til Christ
shall come and raise it with the just.
My soul's ascended to the throne of God
where with sweet Jesus now I make my aboad
then hasten after me my dearest wife
to be pertaker of this blessed life
and you dear children all follow the Lord.
Hear and obey His public sacred Word
and in your houses call upon His name
for oft I have advised you to do the same.
Then God will bless you with your children all
and to His blessed place He will you call.
Hebrews 11:4 He being dead yet speaketh

Here lyeth buried the body of Mr. Barnabas Horton bord at Mousley in Lester-Shire in Old England and dyed at Southold the 13 day of July 1680 Aged 80 years

I consider this a prayer said over all the generations and hold it close in my heart and memory.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hello ...again

Thought I'd post some photos of my contented home:

Can't figure out how to turn the sideways one right side up and am now giving up!

So...I was doing really well with my plan and went to visit my daughter and proceeded to get sick while there and that just set me back. This last week I started writing my "intake" down and I exercised three times. We had some relatives visiting here in Myrtle Beach so there was a lot of eating out though one day I made a Lime Chiffon Pie - that was low calorie. Planning on getting and staying on track and not beating myself up over anything.