Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Visit to DC

I went to DC last January where two of my daughters live and one day my youngest daughter, April, took me to see the National Botanical Gardens and the National Gallery. I had never been to the Botanical Garden and just fell in love with it. The next time you're in DC make sure you go!

The shot of the Lilies of the Valley isn't that great - but they are my favorite flower and they don't grow here in S.C.

These orchids made me laugh - I can remember when women wore huge corsages of these on mother's day - my Mom never has liked corsages and would have killed us all if we ever gave her one of those back in the day! If I'm wearing a corsage it will always be gardenias.

Have to include one of these - thought the cloud looked really fake!

My dear daughter - I'm trying to resist saying "my baby" - and see I couldn't!

Being in this place in the middle of January in DC was magical.


April Joy said...

Love your pictures mom, but it wasn't the Arboretum it was the Botanical Gardens.

Claire said...

Thanks April!

Teresa said...

Beautiful pictures!! DC is magical...we loved it there!!!

Midlife Mom said...

We haven't been to DC in years but I would love to go back again some time. The lily of the valley is one of my favorite flowers too, I just love the fragrance. We can grow them here but mine never seem to do really well but I get enough for a small bouquet to bring into the house and enjoy the aroma! I don't like corsages either! lol! I have allergies and it's just too close to my nose to wear one on my jacket! :o)

Thanks for stopping by and come again soon. Love your verse that you have on your main page! Also like how you are tracking your eating. I am doing Weight Watchers and use one of those little booklets to track my eating. It's a pain but it works when I do that. So far I have lost 25 pounds, I'd like to lose ten more but we'll!