Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who Does He Think He Is??????

This morning, while upstairs making my bed, I heard my doorbell ring so I went downstairs to answer it and no one was there. I stood there at the open door and looked but no one appeared and I shut the door and walked towards my kitchen. This was all happening at about 9 a.m. and as I headed into the kitchen my back door started to open and a man was cautiously coming in saying hello - I got to the door and realized it was the AC repairman and I asked him if the door had been unlocked. He told me that it wasn't and that my landlord, Tom, had used his key to unlock the door. He then told me that Tom had knocked and rung the doorbell - but - I was upstairs so I didn't hear the knock.

This is not the first time Tom has done something like this - he has actually gone into other tenants places while they were upstairs sleeping and fixed whatever and then left and the tenant hasn't realized he's been there until after they come down later in the morning. I've had it. I'm going to call him and talk to him about how unappropriate it is for him to do this - my car was in its parking place and he could have called me on his cell to alert me. I am also going to buy two strong chains for my front and back door so this won't happen again.

I know I have a strong sense of privacy and boundaries but he just stepped way over them!!!!

He's having a new stove delivered for me this afternoon so I will wait until it is installed before I confront him! Thanks for listening.


Teresa said...

Oh I SO understand your frusteration on this!!! I don't blame you one bit. Any number of embarrassing things could have not being completely dressed! Besides that I'm pretty sure that it's against the law for a landlord to do that anyway. go girl!!

...congrats on the new stove! :)

Claire said...

Thanks Logzie!!! The stove is beautiful - didn't realize what a prehistoric stove I've been cooking on - watch out Paula Dean!!

Needled Mom said...

h my gosh!!! That is awful!!!! He definitely needs spoken to as being surprised by someone walking in your back door could have disasterous consequences in some instances.

Sara said...

As I was reading this I thought, she needs to get some chains for her doors....and then you said you were. That should solve the problem and the landlord ought to know better.

terri said...

I completely agree... he is WAY out of line by doing that!

Rock Chef said...

I don't know about the USA, but that is actually illegal over here!

Glad you are enjoying the new stove, though. Makes a lot of difference IMO!

Trisha Larson said...


Thank you for your support and encouragement this past year. It means so much!!!

I actually started writing this Summer but have no idea what will come of it. I just felt a calling to do it (and a few comments such as yours). Let me know if you have any advice on where to go from here.


Jenelle said...

Understand. Unfortunately it is NOT illegal in this area (which we've learned). I don't know if there are local controls for this in your area.

Definitely express your displeasure because it IS UNPROFESSIONAL.

Share your new kitchen creations Paula ;)

Deb said...

That would scare me to death.