Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hello ...again

Thought I'd post some photos of my contented home:

Can't figure out how to turn the sideways one right side up and am now giving up!

So...I was doing really well with my plan and went to visit my daughter and proceeded to get sick while there and that just set me back. This last week I started writing my "intake" down and I exercised three times. We had some relatives visiting here in Myrtle Beach so there was a lot of eating out though one day I made a Lime Chiffon Pie - that was low calorie. Planning on getting and staying on track and not beating myself up over anything.


terri said...

Contented is the perfect description! That's exactly what it looks like!

Rock Chef said...

I love your letters - I would spend ages staring at them trying to string them into words!

Well done with the exercise - steady does it, beating yourself up does no good at all, IMO.