Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Night

Well here it is Saturday night and I haven't been doing any postings on my sidebar. BUT - I have been writing everything down that I'm eating and I have exercised everyday except Wed. so that means I have to exercise tomorrow (I like to take Sunday off). I'm feeling really great just because I haven't stopped exercising. That is a real accomplishment for me and knowing that I'm going to report here does help. Monday I'm going to weigh myself but I don't care what it says I'm still going to continue on.

I decided I wasn't ready for the Bootcamp DVD so I was able to find the DVD at "Tarjay" of the 1, 2, 3 and 4 mile walks - I'm still doing the 30 min. 2 mi. walk and hope to do the 3 mi. tomorrow in the morning. The 3 mi. is 53 mins. long.

I went out to dinner three times this week because friends were here from NY and I think I did well - made healthy choices.

Tuesday morning I fly up to PA - hopefully the pilot's strike will be over with and I will be with one of my daughters and grandchildren!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal

I bought a new workout video last night at Walmart. Leslie Sansone's Walk Weight Loss Bootcamp - 3 miles of walk & tone intervals that you do in your own home and is 45 mins long - as opposed to the 30 minute one I have been doing. All of this is to work up to the Hip Hop Abs DVD that my daughter lent to me and really intimidates me but I really really want to do.

Later this month I'm flying up to my Pennsylvania daughter's to stay for a couple of weeks and I want to keep going with my exercise program so I thought this new DVD would be a good one to "bump" up to. I know we're planning on trying bike riding and we'll do a lot of walking (she has a German Shepherd) but - I really want to stay on the program and see how it works for me.

Friends came for a brief visit as they were driving down from Long Island on their way to Florida and called and asked if we could see each other. It was great seeing them - they came to my house so we could sit and visit and then went to TGIF's where I had a turkey burger. All of this to say that they gave me a box of candy of jellied fruit slices - that I happen to like - I don't know why I just do - and of course I keep eating them. Why can't I eat just one or two a day? - I have this thing about "finishing" - do I think there are less calories if I eat it quickly and throw away the box???? I am going to get up right now and go and throw the box away - there done - just wish there were more to throw away...

I haven't exercised yet today - usually that is the kiss of death and means I won't get to it - but - I'm going to a friend's home for dinner tonight and thought I would exercise then shower and go to the party later this afternoon. The battle continues.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Being Taught By My Daughter

My oldest daughter suggested that I learn how to do a "sidebar" to keep track of my diet and exercise so everyone wouldn't have to read all the boring reporting and I agreed with her but needed to be taught how to do it (though she told me she taught herself how to do it!!!) My youngest daughter, who was here visiting for the weekend from D.C. took it upon herself to teach me and so I will attempt it!!! Why am I intimidated by some of this stuff???? Especially when I think about what I did at work!

I didn't exercise Sunday or Monday - never had time on Sunday and then wasn't feeling so great on Monday - and then I realized I wasn't feeling well today and I recognized the trend so I forced myself to do the workout video. I also had problems with some food issues - I bought a box of Entenmann's Chocolate Chip Cookies to have to serve to my daughter and her boyfriend and in just trying to be honest - the cookies are all gone and they were all eaten by me - yep - and I bought chips and salsa and we never ate them so after they left to go back I fixed a plate of chips, grated cheese and salsa for myself - yep - ate it - could this be the reason I didn't feel so well???? You think??? So - today I started again. Thanks for listening. Now I'm going to try the sidebar thingy.