Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Night

Well here it is Saturday night and I haven't been doing any postings on my sidebar. BUT - I have been writing everything down that I'm eating and I have exercised everyday except Wed. so that means I have to exercise tomorrow (I like to take Sunday off). I'm feeling really great just because I haven't stopped exercising. That is a real accomplishment for me and knowing that I'm going to report here does help. Monday I'm going to weigh myself but I don't care what it says I'm still going to continue on.

I decided I wasn't ready for the Bootcamp DVD so I was able to find the DVD at "Tarjay" of the 1, 2, 3 and 4 mile walks - I'm still doing the 30 min. 2 mi. walk and hope to do the 3 mi. tomorrow in the morning. The 3 mi. is 53 mins. long.

I went out to dinner three times this week because friends were here from NY and I think I did well - made healthy choices.

Tuesday morning I fly up to PA - hopefully the pilot's strike will be over with and I will be with one of my daughters and grandchildren!!!!


jenelle said...

Hoping and praying that the strike ends soon so you can go. Way to go on the exercising. Your body says thank you!!

terri said...

Love your attitude about exercise and weight. If it makes you feel good... keep it up!