Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life Does Go On

Last Tuesday I went and picked up my laptop from the "hospital" - and I am really blessed to have it back! Hopefully I have learned to moderate my time spent on it and some of the staying up late and spending too much time in cyberspace will be better moderated. I'll still probably stay up late - as hard as I try to change into an "early to bed - early to rise" person it never seems to happen!

I had my first unemployment review this week. When I first walked into the large room that had chairs placed in a large semi circle and busy people sitting at desks and phones ringing I looked all around and didn't see any signs or directions of how to proceed. One young woman pointed to a table with a clipboard on it and told me I had to sign in. While I was signing in I noticed a lot of people seemed very nervous and agitated - okay - I know it's the unemployment office but it was still weird. Then I notice a big burly guy facing me and while I glanced at him two men with badges around their necks come walking quickly up to him - grab both of his arms and pull them in back of the man and handcuff him!!! I didn't think this was a good sign --- and immediately became concerned about the veracity of my information on my forms!

They took him outside and when he tried to pull away from them they were quick to inform him that he would be face down on the concrete sidewalk real fast if he continued - then he started yelling someone's name at the top of his lungs and a girlfriend came running, screaming and waving her two arms in the air. The police/marshalls warned her to back off and they took their prisoner away.

When it got to be my turn with the "examiner" I asked her if this went on all the time - she told me that this was only the second time she's seen this happen in all her years with the department. It turned out that there was a warrant out for his arrest and they knew he was due to come into unemployment so they were just waiting for him. I'm still being verrrrry careful with filling everything out!

P.S. The young woman that gave me directions on what to do was from the same newspaper I was laid off from - and we were both wearing brown tops and light khaki pants - silly looking sitting next to each other!