Friday, February 26, 2010

What Am I Going To Do????

The other night I fixed some bacon - breakfast for dinner meal - and was sitting down in the living room with my laptop plugged in and sitting on my coffee table when all of a sudden my smoke alarm went off in my kitchen ( I mean, I had finished cooking!) - well I jumped up and went running out to the kitchen to stop it and caught the cord on my foot and pulled the laptop off onto the floor.

I finally got up the courage and opened it up and it looks as though someone had taken a hammer to the screen and broke it up internally. I have to take it to my son-in-law and have him plug it in and see if I've lost my hard drive. Still haven't done it because I'm chicken. the mfg. says they'll fix it for $200. No - I didn't back it up - though I've been talking about doing it - nice!

I've had time for reading and read a wonderful book by Elizabeth Goudge. The Scent of Water. another blogger told me about her. She is an English writer and I have more of her's to read thanks to the public library.

Hope to be up and "running" soon!