Friday, June 4, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal

I bought a new workout video last night at Walmart. Leslie Sansone's Walk Weight Loss Bootcamp - 3 miles of walk & tone intervals that you do in your own home and is 45 mins long - as opposed to the 30 minute one I have been doing. All of this is to work up to the Hip Hop Abs DVD that my daughter lent to me and really intimidates me but I really really want to do.

Later this month I'm flying up to my Pennsylvania daughter's to stay for a couple of weeks and I want to keep going with my exercise program so I thought this new DVD would be a good one to "bump" up to. I know we're planning on trying bike riding and we'll do a lot of walking (she has a German Shepherd) but - I really want to stay on the program and see how it works for me.

Friends came for a brief visit as they were driving down from Long Island on their way to Florida and called and asked if we could see each other. It was great seeing them - they came to my house so we could sit and visit and then went to TGIF's where I had a turkey burger. All of this to say that they gave me a box of candy of jellied fruit slices - that I happen to like - I don't know why I just do - and of course I keep eating them. Why can't I eat just one or two a day? - I have this thing about "finishing" - do I think there are less calories if I eat it quickly and throw away the box???? I am going to get up right now and go and throw the box away - there done - just wish there were more to throw away...

I haven't exercised yet today - usually that is the kiss of death and means I won't get to it - but - I'm going to a friend's home for dinner tonight and thought I would exercise then shower and go to the party later this afternoon. The battle continues.


Julie said...

Go Claire Go! Don't be too hard on yourself - you are doing great! I'll be interested to hear what you think of your new workout video. I love those jellied fruit slices myself, so I understand not being able to put them down :) I think writing everything down is so smart - even when you have an off day, at least you are being accountable to yourself.

Rock Chef said...

If you eat those fruit things quickly enough your body is too slow to absorb the calories! Honestly! Would I lie to you? :-)

Good luck with the new workout!

Sara said...

I see you are reading The Rosemary Tree. Isn't it lovely?

Your new diet sidebar is a great idea.

I know how hard it is to control those food issues...but don't give up trying.