Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sick and Alone

Saturday morning I woke up feeling really crummy - sinuses killing me - I had been sneezing for the last couple of days and my nose had been running - so it was either a cold, sinus infection or allergies - I've never really had a problem with allerigies. I stayed in bed for awhile and then figured I had better move downstairs and get something to eat and a nice cup of hot tea - I was walking past my bathroom - heading for the stairs when all of a sudden I realized I was going to be sick to my stomach - bolted for the bathroom and made it in time.

Finally made it downstairs and got on the couch and decided to call my Mom and sister to let them know I wasn't feeling well and as I laid on the couch talking with her I was looking at my living room window and realized that a lizard was crawling up my sheers!!!!! I told my sister to come over right away and help me with the lizard because I didn't want to take my eyes off of it and lose it in my house and always be worrying about when it would come out again. So there I sat frozen on the couch - feeling even worse - waiting for her - she arrived and "frick and frack of the animal world" captured it - actually she did and then she took it outside and was going to let it go at my front door and I said, "Nooooooooooooooo!!! Take it far away!" - so she let it go on the other side of my driveway. And the drama was over.

After she left I really thought about what would I do if she hadn't come over - and what about other single people living alone - I felt really vulnerable and thought about my next door neighbor - Sister Barbara - a retired Catholic nun - and of my single friends - I have one single friend that lives in fear of falling while taking a shower and having to be rescued in that state!!! So I am calling my single friends and talking with my neighbor and letting them know that as best as I can I am there for them - even if they just need to be rescued from a lizard or a fall in the shower.


Chief Rock Chef said...

Hope you feel better soon!

It is good to know that there is someone around if you need them. My mom has got a thing going with a lot of her neighbours where they all look out for each other. Seems to work really well.

Teresa said...

Still laughing about "Frick & Frack"!! My Mom always said that too but I never ever heard anyone else use that's hilarious!

Isn't it "funny" how we humans have to physically experience something before we become truely compassionate about it? I have had similiar moments...some about parenting, or single parents, but the big one was depression. I never ever imagined myself dealing with depression and until I did, I found it very easy to think that the person "suffering" was just not thankful enough or was just being selfish and we've put a fancey dancey label on it called depression. I quickly changed my mind once I began to feel that way and realized that it's not just that easy!! I swear when I am dealing with it, it "feels" as if I am so alone even God has left me. Thankfully, I am smarter than that and know the truth but to "feel" like you don't even have your faith to fight a battle is very unarming and a horrible feeling. Thankfully it's 'just a feeling.'

Wow...where did all that come from?? Ha! I guess I'm just trying to say that I understand your revelation. :)

P.S.-Get the book "The Shack" by William's changing my life!!! The perspecitve of God's grace shown is like something I've never experienced. For a long time I prayed asking God for a "tool" so that I could see Him as my Heavenly Father and as He truely is in that role. This book is my answer to prayer!

Claire said...

CRC - I am getting through the week at work - have a big project due so there is no way out! But it is Friday - and payday!!!

Logzie - Thank you so much!!! Depression is a very real battleground - and I really believe that when you are going through it that you need to talk with someone you trust, exercise alot, pray and stay close to Jesus, and play lots of good praise and worship music : ) - which are all things you don't want to do in that state.

This is about the 3rd or 4th time I have heard about this book - I'm going to get it!!

Anonymous said...

I would get on plane and get you out of your shower if you fell. I would also remind you that nobody every died from a lizrd attack (I don't think) and as for depression and anxiety I am with Logz and know the overpowering load depression can be...

kenady said...

What a moving post! First I am laughing over the image of you and your sister trying to catch a lizard! Serious comedy there... And then I am concerned about single friends living along. Just so you know, I would drive all the way up from Summerville to save you from a fall in the shower:) Love to you!