Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thoughts at the end of the day

It's not really the end of the day - but I am getting ready to shut down - and I wanted to write down something that I read on another blog (3 for 365). Apparently it is from Disney's Keys to Excellence:

S - Smile

E - Eye contact/body language

R - Respect and welcome

V - Value the magic (my favorite)

I - Iniatate guest contact

C - Create service solutions

E - End with a thank you

These are so simple and yet really perfect for our homelife and work world. I wrote them out in my sketch book and will probably make room for them on my refrigerator.

Oh - wait - do I hear my daughters groaning because I mentioned my refrigerator door that holds all the important sayings, verses, photos of my life - I am just laughing to myself because I really tried to keep it pristine when I first moved in and then "poof" it was fully covered!!! Right now the bottom part is empty because my grandson "cleaned" it while he was here visiting - don't worry girls - everything was saved and is sitting on top of the microwave - I am hearing more groans because they know on top of the microwave sits a perfectly sized green wooden tray that holds "stuff."

Last "word" for today: Joy is the best cosmetic for a woman. Rosalind Russell


April Joy said...

so my middle name being joy was just luck!?!?

The Mrs. said...

Meet us in Myknonos! We leave Santorini tomorrow!

kenady said...


Chief Rock Chef said...

Our fridge used to be like that - so we bought a cork board instead!

Claire said...

Can't buy cork - I am too heavily invested in magnets! : )

The Mrs. said...

I absoulutelu love this and will save it for sure. What a great blog!

by Sheri said...

I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog the other day. I hope you got a good laugh!

I love the SERVICE idea. It definitely comes in handy with my line of work. Thanks for sharing. Your blog has a wonderful serenity about it. I'm happy I stopped by!

Anonymous said...

If there was a hurricane I would expect that you would rip that fridge door off before running for safety...I always thought I wanted a clean fridge and then I grew to realize the valuable real estate it is.