Monday, November 10, 2008

Movie Night

Saturday night my friend, Kelly, and I went to see The Secret Lives of Bees and then out to dinner. We were celebrating her birthday which was in July so that shows you how bad we are about getting our time organized!!

Anyway - what an excellent movie - the book was really good - and I really enjoyed the movie - Queen Latifah is really perfect - the whole cast was - and we got popcorn with "butter" (we don't really want to know what it is) all the way through it - Kelly asked the girl to stop and put butter on it as she was filling the bag. We both got Diet Cokes - trying to be good. You know how sometimes Diet Coke just tastes like medicine? Well this was the best Diet Coke - started thinking that maybe they gave us real Coke! We went out to dinner afterwards and just enjoyed catching up on all of our news - she used to work at the newspaper with me.

Sunday my Mom, sister and myself went to hear the Long Bay Symphony - it was really great - the performers were excellent - violinist, Asmira Woodward-Page - the whole event. We all had a good time!


Kiki said...

So glad you had fun with Kelly...she is the sweetest!!!

I did not so much care for the book, in fact I was pretty disappointed in the ending, I felt kind of let down!!! maybe the movie was better, but I'll wait for the DVD!!!

terri said...

I read the book... but can't quite remember much of what it was about! That's not a good sign. The movie does look good though, so it's good to hear that you thought it was worthwhile.

Glad you had a good time!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Well if I had been serving you butter popcorn I think that I would have given you real Coke to go with it. Does it really make that much difference? I often see people order a pile of food and then ask for a diet Coke asthough it is going to cancel out all the other stuff!

Does it make you feel a bit less naughty?

kenady said...

that sounds divine:)

maybe one day i will get enough time (and R could spare me long enough) to go to a movie and dinner with my girls.

so glad you enjoyed the movie! that is definitely one of my favorite books:)

jenelle said...

Sounds wonderful. I miss going to the movies. If it weren't for Netflix I would really be a lost cause. So loving the no late fees/keep it as long as you want thing. The only way I ever get around to it.

Glad you had a good time

Train Wreck said...

I thought Diet Coke was worse than reg Coke? I love theatre popcorn too! How fun to have a movie night with your friend.It does look like a good movie!