Friday, September 10, 2010

Bottle Tree???

I drove up to North Myrtle Beach to pick my sister's cocker spaniel up from the dog groomer the other day. Whenever I go with my sister if I go by myself I always see this - I finally had my camera with me this last time! I've heard some stories about why they do this but nothing definitive - anybody have any ideas? Sorry the photos aren't better - I was in the road when I thought to do this and then cars were coming so I had to move quickly!


Mrs. Mix-it said...

I have heard of this and from what I have heard it is to ward off the evil spirts. I don't know if it's true but they must have a lot going on right now because they certainly have a lot of bottles out there!!!

terri said...

I'll bet somebody just stuck one or two bottles on the tree and others followed suit! It's unique and fun, anyway.

Jenelle said...

My inlaws have a cottage on a lake and you see these trees on the tour around. I always assumed they were bragging about their last party.