Saturday, December 4, 2010

Master Gardener???

Quite awhile ago my daughter's boyfriend gave me this Christmas cactus. The plant would grow flower buds and then they would all drop off. This happened over and over again. At the beginning of the summer I put the plant outdoors and told it that it was on its own - live or die - go or stay - whatever!!! I did water it - and - here it is!!! The miracle Christmas cactus because you know I had nothing to do with this!


terri said...

It's beautiful! I used to have one. Couldn't get it to bloom to save my soul. Gave it to my mother in law, and wouldn't you know, it blooms annually for her!

Sara said...

It's lovely, and right on time with its blooms (finally)!!

Needled Mom said...

Oh yeah!!! It is so pretty too. They do thrive on neglect.