Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crazy Life

Last Saturday I drove to Washington, DC all by myself!!! Packed lots of healthy snacks, had teaching tapes and music tapes (old car that doesn't play CD's - but is all paid for!)and I started my journey. I had such a good time driving along - my Mom and sister had made a sandwich for me and I stopped at a rest area to eat it and drink my Double Shot Starbucks so I wouldn't be in danger of getting sleepy - and drove into DC in a rainstorm.

I had a problem with the condensation leaking into the passenger side of my car but didn't think it would get too bad - but as I arrived in DC I looked down and realized that I had a 2 in. deep sloshing pond on that side of the car! I did have a roll of Bounty paper towels with me and I began tearing them off the roll and balling them up and throwing them in the water and they really worked!!! Except as I was doing that I missed a turn and ended up having my son-in-law giving me directions to go pick up my daughter, April (check out her blog for the fantastic photos of the Shrine we visited) - and he took me right into DuPont Circle where there was a very unusual parade ending right in that spot!!!

Finally got settled and had a wonderful week going to the zoo, spending lots of time with my grandson, going on a fantastic Duck Tour of DC that was great, going out to lunch, going with my daughters to a Mom's group and a dance lesson with April and went out after that in DC - wahoo!!!!

My drive back was totally uneventful as my son-in-law had fixed the AC problem! Got home on Sat. and my daughter from Pa. is here visiting with her two children and a German Shepherd and then got to work and had to participate in moving our team from one area of our building to another and I am still in the midst of all that mess!!!

And that's where I am!!!


Teresa said...

I'm proud of you for driving all that way by yourself. I am way too intimidated for that. Plus me and maps just don't get along! I was very nervous to just drive to the other side of our state (MI) to Detroit to meet a friend at the Detroit Zoo! It's only 2.5 hours away!

Funny thing is...before I met my husband...I could have done I am so completely dependant on him. It's good and bad really.

Glad you had that time with your family and now you get even more time with family! Isn't life fantastic!!

kenady said...

Sounds like a freeing, fantastic and fun experience! So glad you were able to go!

MommyK said...

Urgh, I hate Dupont Circle, I always get lost there! Glad you had a mostly uneventful trip!

Chief Rock Chef said...

I have seen those Duck tours on TV - they look great. I have loved the Duck (or DUKW to use its proper name) since childhood. What a great vehicle.

Enjoy the next installment of family mayhem!

Claire said...

Logzie - To be honest I think I was scared - that is why I got such a late start - but once I got going I just had the peace of God with me and it really became a "mini-retreat" for me - I have driven from Long Island to Myrtle Beach (16 hrs. with all my daughters) and to DC with them and other trips - but this is the first by myself since I was in college!

Kendady - I can't wait to do more trips now!!!

Mommy K - I never knew what all the talk was about Dupont Circle - know I know!!!

Rock Chef - It was better than any amusement park ride and the day was perfect!