Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Too Many Issue for a Title

My sister and I brought my Mom home from the hospital on Saturday - she was fine and wanted to go home and was insisting that she was going to get up - get dressed and just leave, saying, "Who's going to stop me???" She wasn't talking crazy - she was really fine and didn't want to waste a perfectly good Saturday in the hospital! I went down to the nurses station to discuss my Mom's potential break-out and they told me about all the releases she would have to sign and mentioned that her medical plan wouldn't pay if she chose to walk out. I went back to the room and told her that she was staying - the Dr. finally came at 2:30 p.m. signed her out and we finally got to leave at 5:30 p.m. You have just got to love paperwork!!!

I have a younger brother who is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of American and is a wonderful chef - and he arrived Sunday night to spend a week with my Mom and sister. I live a few blocks away and my older brother lives one block away so we all hung out together last night.

When my sister and I arrived home for lunch yesterday he had prepared salad plates for us all on chilled plates and the table was set with my Mom's blue willow ware and blue hydrangas (sp?) in a vase on the table and a wonderful lunch prepared and waiting for us! Can I just say I love having a chef for a brother!!!

Sunday night, when my brother was flying in, I drove over to my Mom's to ride with them to pick him up at the airport. His flight was suppose to get in a midnight - after some delays - when I came driving down their street it was dark and I noticed a bike "thrown away" in front of a neighbor's house (I'm looking for a bike sort of) but pulled up at the house and we all got in my Mom's car and backed down the driveway - I mentioned to my sister about the bike and said to shine her headlights on it and when she did there was a body lying next to the bike!!!! A man on his back with his arms folded across his chest - it really shocked and scared us - I quickly called 911 and they questioned me and they sent an ambulance, fire truck, motorcyle policeman and a patrol car right away - usually we would go running to help anyone - but - for some reason we felt a real sense of caution just to wait and see - we did see him move - and we kept the car in a postion to guard him as his feet were sticking out in the road - it turned out that he was really drunk and three firemen could barely hold him up - he didn't even wake up with all the sirens and lights all around him - we finally were able to leave and get on our way - another night of drama!

We've talked about what else we could have done - I mean we're the family that stops on any road and rescues turtles - but - I really felt we were going with the caution that the three of us felt.


Chief Rock Chef said...

Ah, getting signed out of hospital - one of the most painful things ever :-)

Good call with the drunk - always best to follow gut instincts IMO!

Pheebs said...

Only you Claire.....you have the best stories. I always thought my family stories were the wildest but I now think yours are just as crazy. You are lots of fun my friend.

Kuckie said...

So glad you started your blog...I'm always interested in whatever you write! I'm so happy Nana is feeling better and is home...and the drunk? That's just crazy!

PS. - we rescue turtles too!!!

kenady said...

What a night of drama! Whoa! Glad that your brother has come into town for a visit with your mom; what a nice family reunion. lots of love coming your way Mommy Claire! e

MommyK said...

I'm glad your mom is out of the hospital! And I agree with everyone else...good call with the drunk. You never can be too careful.