Monday, October 6, 2008

Heather's Birthday!!!

Her older sister, Kik, started this with all the memories and today is a good day for us to remember all the fun and joy she has brought to the family.

Heather was my first C-section - after being induced for many hours they decided to do a C-section so she wouldn' get over 10 lbs. - her older sister, Kik, had been 9 lbs. 6 oz. - so they delivered her and she was 11 lbs. 14 ozs. and 23 in. long!!! and the fun began. The nurses asked me to have my husband bring in one of his T-shirts so they would have something to dress her in - they all fought over her and she was carried all over the place.

Everyone in our family has a great sense of humor (it is required) but Heather is the one who could really do stand-up comedy - one of my favorite phone calls from her after she had her son - came to me at work and she was whispering on the phone saying, "Mom, this is the worst baby-sitting job I have ever had - the baby won't stop crying and the parents are late coming home - will you come pick me up as soon as the Mom gets home????" I knew we were in for a wild ride after that! She is unbelievable with the faces she can make and the voices she can use - we still laugh when she does the voice of an old employer she can imitate when she was waitressing in NYC.

Heather can laugh with you and she can cry with you - her heart is so tender - I remember when a boy was making her life miserable in elementary school and she began to pray for him - and I was able to see the whole situation change. I also remember hearing about how the sisters went to their younger sister's school one day and threatened someone who was bullying their sister - Kik and Heather were always protective of their younger sisters. I just remembered the time I caught Heather and a friend playing with a can of hairspray!!!! - Heather and her escapades with her best friend, Trisha!!!

We have a tradition in our family that when we bring the new baby home the child before gets to be the first one to hold the new baby when we get in the door - I have so many great photos of that moment - and I love the one where Kik is holding Heather.

Heather has grown as a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter and most important of all it has been a blessing to me as a mother to see her grow as a woman of faith - one who can counsel - one who is ready to drop everything and babysit for your kids - give you a ride - cook a dinner - and is always ready to pray with or for you. God bless you dear Heather - we all love you!


Anonymous said...

What better Birthday gift than to hear that you have been a blessing (at least some of the time). Thanks momma!

kenady said...

Happy Birthday Heather!!

Great ode:)

Teresa said...

I can sense Heather's sense of humor in her blog...she makes me laugh often!

Happy Birthday Heather!!