Monday, December 1, 2008

New Laptop

I am actually sitting in my living room writing on my blog - not having to stay late after work to read blogs and write on my own!!! This is a real blessing - right up there with finding my townhome, my used car and now being able to use my laptop at home.

We did have a computer in my old home - it was a used one that they had a lottery for at work and I won!!! We had it set up in April's room - but then after my husband's death I had to move out of the house and into my Mom's home until I found my own place - and finally into my own place two years ago - I never set it up here - and now with a lot of things happening in my life I knew I really needed to make this next investment. Kik's husband helped me so much and actually got the laptop for me so I could buy it and gave me all the good advice about "hooking it up" - stuff that can slow me down if I have to figure it out for myself! Thank you Ken!

My third daughter, her husband and son and their yellow Lab came from DC this Thanksgiving and stayed with me - what a blessing it was to have them here with me! I got to take my grandson to the Children's Museum here in town and my son in law really helped me a lot with my laptop - setting it up - getting a wireless mouse - showing me how to do things - it was wonderful having my own IT person in house!!! My daughter worked in a bakery all through college and makes the best piecrusts (Martha's recipe) and pies - it was great having my own in house baker here!!!

It is really the small things that really matter - tucking my grandson into bed - reading him stories - singing lullabies to him that my grandmother and my mother sang - sitting in the living room next to my daughter - having a cup of coffee with her in the morning - watching my son in law hold his son - having my son in law pray with me over a very important decision that I need to make - it is all pure gold and I treasure the memories.

Our last night together we all gathered at my Mom's home and we had Parmesean Wings and Pizza - and if you wanted it there were brownies, ice cream and pie after the Pizza/Wing Fest!!! What a finish to the Thanksgiving weekend!!!


jenelle said...

Sounds like so many reasons to be thankful. Glad that you were able to enjoy time with family. What a treasure to share pieces of history through a song. One blessed grandson.

Kuckie said...

What a wonderful time, Claire! And how fun for you to have the new laptop...that will certainly make blogging easier on you, eh?

kenady said...

happy belated thanksgiving! sounds like y'all had a fantastic time:)

so happy to hear that you are all hooked up w/ your new laptop! WOO HOO!

Claire said...

Jenelle - These lullabies that we sing include a Norwegian lullaby that we all try to get right but probably would not be recognized in Norway!

Kuckie - love the laptop now I need a camera so I can download photos - never ends!

Kenady - I need a tutorial from Kik now - glad you had a good thanksgiving!

Teresa said...

Yep, I'm in tears just listening to you describe how you loved tucking your grandson into bed, watching your son in law hold his son and your son in law praying with you. Simply amount of money in the world could replace that! I LOVE reading about your makes me desire to make mine stronger!!

Love you Claire!!