Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not Waiting for the New Year

I have several things going on besides all the Christmas Worship Pages for the newspaper and writing up all the debutantes and cotillions - here are some new things that are happening:

1. I have booked my niece to be my personal trainer - she comes to my house twice a week and gets me to exercise - I am now up to 150 crunches!!! I don't believe it myself - and I have hope that I will not be in this same body for my birthday in March - and I will buy a new bathing suit for the new body this summer. She has given me the precious gift of hope.

2. I have hired someone to come and clean my town home once every two weeks (she is scheduled for next Tues. AND the 23rd - just before family arrives!!) I made this decision because I have just been getting bogged down with house work when I want to be working on major projects here - and I want to wake up on Saturday morning knowing I don't have to clean the bathrooms. When I came home my first Tuesday after she had been here - really questioning whether I should spend the money - and I opened up the door and saw my place - clean - shining - and smelling wonderful - I told myself that she was worth every single penny!!!

These are just some of the things that are happening in my life - this is a really busy time for me because I handle all the church advertisements for Christmas and we do this whole special section for all their ads - every Christmas and every Easter - and I haven't even started decorating or shopping for Christmas - hopefully this weekend!


kenady said...

1. so glad you hired your niece to help you train. 150 crunches is such an accomplishment!

2. i adore my cleaning lady! she takes so much stress and worry off of my plate. i always love coming home when after she has been here. the house seems so much cleaner when someone else does the cleaning.

3. hope you get to start your christmas decorations and shopping soon:)

MommyK said...

I can't do 150 crunches! Good work! And congrats on the cleaning lady. I'm so jealous.

Claire said...

Kenady - 1. Thanks! 2. Hope we can see you on the 22nd when we are in Mt. Pleasant for our Dr.'s visit!

MommyK - The 150 are interspersed throughout the hour work out - whew - last night I exercised by myself for 15 mins. - that is a big one for me -

terri said...

150 crunches? OUCH! Way to go!

My goal is to justify a cleaning lady. SOON!

jenelle said...

Way to go on exercising. Bonus that it is time with family as well. Keep it up.

As I look at my house in disaray, baskets of laundry to fold, and counter full of dishes -- I will do my best not to envy your cleaning lady. Enjoy every moment of it.

Teresa said...

This post put a HUGE smile on my face!! I'm so glad you hired a cleaning are so right about being able to spend your time of big projects. You deserve it!

And I'll echo everyone else...150 crunches ...WOW!!! You go girl!!! You're an inspiration to me in so many ways!!