Sunday, November 22, 2009


I've been getting buried under stress, frustration, failure, grief and anger lately and I need to turn it around.

Here is the beginning of my Thankful Monday list:
1. My "Quiet Time" early in the morning with my Bible, Steams In the Desert and the Power of a Praying Parent books.

2. Daughters - four of them - and they love and care for each other and bless me with wonderful sons-in-law and more family.

3. My Mom - 89 yrs old - and still imparting wisdom - and telling me to drive safely everytime I leave her home and sings "Day is Done" for us at dusk.

4. My car - it is old and the hood needs to be repainted - but it runs faithfully and it is all paid for!

5. The home I live in that is just right for me and is affordable.

6. Losing 10 lbs recently.

7. Christmas as coming and so are some of my grandchildren!

8. My laptop

9. Cell phones

10. The people that I work with everyday that are helpful, considerate, and always ready to laugh.


Kuckie said...

You do have much to be thankful for, especially those daughters of yours! They are a sisterhood beyond compare!

terri said...

Thanks for the reminder that our lives are often blessed in many ways if we only open our eyes to see.