Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Weirdness Follows Wherever I Go"

Tonight I worked until 6:30 p.m. I stopped to pick up some groceries on my way home and when I got home I had to make two trips to get everything in. The first time I went up to my front door I thought I heard some loud voices and thought someone was having a party nearby - though I thought that was strange on a Wednesday night. When I came back out to get the rest I again thought I heard someone yelling but then it stopped and I finished and came inside.

I realized my garbage needed to be taken out - I had cleaned the refrigeratior out of some unusable food articles - so I got that together and came out my front door again - and again I heard loud voices - but they stopped and I finished my chores. When I was coming back along my walkway I heard the voice again and stopped to wait and listen - and then I really heard someone banging on the walls of a garage across the alley from where we park our cars and now yelling very clearly, "Help! Help!" I hurried over to the garage and yelled that I was getting help. I had a real strong sense of caution about this so I ran inside got my phone and called 911 - gave them my address and then they asked if I stilled lived in Unit E - they have me on record!!!!! - anyway they said they would send the police. While I was waiting it sounded as though the person was getting really agitated - I could hear glass breaking inside like he was thrashing about! One of my neighbors is a young man who works as a bouncer at a club - so I went to see if he was home and he was - he came out and went walking over but didn't feel led to get closer - the police were around but not finding their way to where we are so I went to try and intercept them - waving my arms - and all I got for that was to have him shine the big light in my face! The guy was still yelling and the policeman got the door open and released the man after asking several questions before opening the door.

The bouncer and I didn't wait around to talk to him - I think he had been drinking. While the bouncer and I walked back to our own places he commented saying, "That was really weird." I replied that yes it was but if you hang around with me long enough you'll find out that weird follows me wherever I go!!


Kuckie said...

Wow, that IS weird. What on earth was he doing? Good thing you had the presence of mind to get help before you went over there!

Rock Chef said...

You get some strange people doing strange things. Recently a guy near me managed to kill himself by blowing up his garden shed while he was inside it. No one knows how he did it.

terri said...

Sounds like you were wise to exercise caution in that situation. Too weird!