Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In Case of Accident Please Go to My Home and Turn Off the Oven

Today is my sister's birthday and she likes Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I decided to make her her favortie cake. Sounds simple doesn't it?

I needed to go to the grocery store to get some of the ingredients - I was using a recipe from a Duncan Hines Cookbook that required DH Pineapple Supreme Cake Mix, a 20 ounce can of pineapple rings, a bottle of maraschino cherries and I needed more eggs and some other things. Drove to the store which is really five minutes away and came back home to start the cake.

Melted the butter in the bottom of the 9 x 13 pan, sprinkled the brown sugar over the melted butter and then began to put the drained pineapple rings on the cake in an orderly fashion. I needed 12 rings and there were only 10 in the can - the recipe promised me that there would be 12 rings in a 20 ounce can so I had only purchased one can. The cake batter was all mixed - the pan was already but lacking 2 rings - and the oven was all ready to go at 350 degrees. So back in the car I went tearing over to the grocery store - running in (the checker sees me and smiles and calls out to me asking if I forgot something) - I get the second can of pineapple rings and get in line to pay.

This whole time I am worrying about leaving the oven going and what if I am in a car accident and no one knows about the oven being left on and I'm wondering if in situations like this if I should pin a note to myself saying, "In case of accident please go to my house and turn off the oven" - sorry but this is the way my brain works.

Got back home and successfully got the cake in the oven with all the required pineapple rings and maraschino cherries and it came out just fine!!!

Oh - I like to collect pigs so I threw in a photo of some of my pigs!


Rock Chef said...

Love pigs - given the chance I would hjave a pet one!

The cake looks great too - not sure I would have rushed out for another can, but it was clearly worth it.

Needled Mom said...

That is one of my favorite cakes too. I love it warm with whipped cream. YUM!!!!

Happy birthday to your sister. Today is our daughter's BD too. It's a day to celebrate!!!!

terri said...

That looks delicious!

I would have obsessed about the oven too. I worry about leaving the dryer on when I leave the house!