Saturday, October 2, 2010

Out of Commission

Last Sunday night I started feeling really sick during the night and ended up calling my sister who lives nearby to come over and help me - I was really sick to my stomach and at first I thought it was food poisoning but now I think it was some kind of "bug." It felt as though a hurricane hit me.

My daughter, who also lives nearby, came over to help and even my 90 yr old Mom came over and sat with me so I wasn't alone. Today is Saturday and I'm still taking it easy - I might go to the beach later and just sit and soak up some vitamin D - the sound and sight of the ocean is always good medicine for me.


terri said...

So sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. The viruses are surely making their rounds already. Here it's the colds. We've had them at home, at work... everywhere. I got mine this week. Hope that means I'm good now for the winter. I hope a visit to the beach does you good.

Rock Chef said...


Hope you are feeling a bit better now! I tend to catch things like that in time for Christmas :-(