Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tough Day

Today the newspaper announced 11 layoffs of friends and coworkers. We knew it was coming as rumors were flying a couple of weeks ago - but it was postponed because of the possibility of the hurricane coming through. This is the third wave of layoffs. The people were notified today and I survived it - but then you know that others are leaving in your stead.

One woman was hoping she would be one of the ones chosen and she was (she has been here over 20 yrs.) and brought in bagels for a party - others are in shock and there were some tears.

A really good friend of mine planned a trip here from L.I. for her birthday and is arriving tomorrow afternoon - I am taking a half day and all day Friday off. We have a tradition (she tries to come every year) of each buying a bottle of our favorite wine (she likes Merlot and I like a Zinfandel) - we get an order of Parmesean Hot Wings from this great place and a loaf of Italian bread - rent a good movie - and just enjoy a night of good food - good conversation - and hopefully a good movie - any suggestions for a good movie??? I am so ready for this weekend - we both love to read and will spend some time walking on the beach - reading - and catching up. I was hoping we could go down to Charleston for the day - but may opt just to relax and take it easy.

The first time she came her husband asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said she wanted to come to MB to visit me - and he said, "Do you want me to come too?" She said, "No" - I always laugh about that.


Chief Rock Chef said...

That's tough when people get laid off. There are a lot of big companies going under over here and it is not good. One of our biggest banks has just had to merge with another one and lots will be without jobs soon.

Movies? My daughter loved "What happens in Vegas" and I think that is just coming out on DVD now. Might be what you are looking for. Have fun, anyway!

Claire said...

Rock Chef - Thanks - I know financial disasters spread very quickly in our world today - like dominoes falling - thanks for the movie title!!!

The Mrs. said...

This is such a tough time for so many. Just rotten. I am so glad your friend is coming! Sounds like heaven!

kenady said...

At least you had the weekend to spend with your friend after surviving the layoffs. The economy is so stinkin' bad right now... it's just terrible.

On the flip side, I hope you had fun! What movie did you end up renting? Did you come down to Charleston?

Kiki said...

I'm so grateful to have my job, everytime I hear about layoffs and companies being bought out, I just thank God that I have what I have!!!

I'm dying to see Baby Mama, but you've already had your weekend, I know you had a good time!!!

Teresa said...

Ooops, I've been behind and I missed this one on time but...I would reccommend a few movies anyway for next time:

What Happens In Vegas
Baby Mamma-my favorite!
27 Dresses

Glad you survived the layoffs...

I have a good friend where it's the same way when we visit eachother...stay home in our playing...husbands nap...we play games and of course EAT!

Claire said...

My friend and I had a great wknd! Went to an Italian restaurant Thurs.night - did the parmesean wings on Fri. night and the movie we watched and loved was The Jane Austen Book Club that April recommended - but several recommended What Happens in Las Vegas - so I am going to watch that one next. Never made it to Charleston - we talked and talked and read books and went for walks on the beach and sat on the beach and read some more and watched everyone surfing - the ocean put on a show for us!