Monday, March 30, 2009


Tomorrow my third daughter enters the hospital to deliver their twins!!! And I am here in Myrtle Beach - I am so excited for them - and I wish now I had made arrangements to be there for their arrival - but - common sense prevailed - and I am flying up on Friday morning to stay with them after the babies and Lauren come home for the following week.

Trying to get everything done at work so I can leave with a clear conscience and be able to focus on the family!!!

Please be praying for a safe and happy delivery!


jenelle said...

They are almost here! Prayers and best wishes.

Teresa said...

I can't wait to hear!!

MommyK said...

I have never been so excited for the birth of babies belonging to someone I've never met. You and Kik and everyone have been talking about these babies for SO LONG and they are finally going to be born! Woo Hoo! Congrats, Grandma!

Anonymous said...

All the best on your new grandbabies. Give 'em lots of smootchies! Look forward to your blogs on the babies soon.