Monday, March 2, 2009


Today they made the announcements - 20 people laid off - good people - some are friends - some have been there over 15 years. My sister, who works in the finance department, and myself escaped one more time. Truly a bittersweet time. My immediate boss was laid off and the head of our advertising department. I'm going to bed now. My friend who writes the obituaries has come down with pneumonia so I will be writing the obituaries Tuesday and Wednesday - this is the perfect week to be doing this.


Chief Rock Chef said...

Glad you and your sister escaped, but it is sad for the others - 15 years of service? Jeez.

Claire said...

Thanks RC - I brought in Dunkin' Donuts for my team this morning - figured we needed some comfort food! My immediate boss was one of the people laid off!

Teresa said...

I'm sorry Claire. It can't be easy to watch people you know and care for loose thier income. On the brighter side...what an awesome time of ministry to be able to give 'hope' to the hopeless and they'll might actually want to hear it now! :)