Thursday, February 26, 2009

Will this be the Friday they tell us???

We are all still waiting to hear what is going to happen. They announced a few weeks ago the layoff of 58 people - all of our production people - that they were going to have the newspaper printed at another newspaper (Charleston???) and they would make the final announcement about that - we still haven't heard. Apparently it would be cheaper to have the newspaper printed somewhere else than to have the capital outlay for a new press and machinery as ours is getting to the point it needs to be replaced. -

Then they were suppose to announce the layoffs of an additional 20+ people - we have gone past being scared and worried and now we're just flat out angry and want to get it over with! the whole scene is mentally and physically exhausting.

I have to go to D.C. on March 12th for my Centurion seminar weekend and am trying to get all of my course work up to date - and my daughter, Lauren, is expecting The Twins on April 4th - and another big project, the church Easter pages, are looming on my horizon - and I just know it is all going to converge on one date and I will end up just going in circles!!!!


Chief Rock Chef said...

I was wondering about this on my way in this morning!

Hope you find out one way or the other soon - not knowing is aweful!

The twins are due that soon? Wow, that is going to be one busy time!

Have a great day and weekend!

Claire said...

They aren't making any announcements today. . . but I did go get my hair cut and highlights put in so it is a good day!!! and the sun is shining and it's 64 degrees already!!! God is in control!

terri said...

It's absolutely ridiculous that they leave you all hanging this way. I don't get it. You seem to be taking it in stride. I hope some kind of answer is given soon. I know you could use the peace of mind.

jenelle said...

what a busy month ahead of you. Sounds like some fantastic reasons to celebrate. Prayers for the work situation and God's presence in the midst of it all.