Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tick Tock

So the word is out that there are going to be more layoffs announced on Friday.

I remember the days when I looked forward to going to work on Monday morning - it could have been because I had been a stay at home Mom and then worked as a nursery school teacher for eight years and was finally working in a place with adult toilets and not having to wipe 18 noses or put on 36 snow boots - perhaps - but I liked being a part of the newspaper - loved the adrenalin of deadlines - seeing a "new" product produced every morning - walking back through the press area and wondering if the "smell of the ink" was getting in my blood - smile - and now there is tomorrow and Friday to get through - the sadness of seeing something that I have been proud of slowly disintegrating before my eyes.

Perhaps I need to bake something chocolate for Friday - brownies with chocolate icing - we need some good things happening on Friday!!! No matter what!


Chief Rock Chef said...

That is a great idea.

It must be sad for things to go like that. I have only experiences something like that once, when we all went back to work after Christmas to be told that the whole place was closing at the end of January. That was sudden and complete.

Good luck!

Kuckie said...

Chocolate is a mood-lifter for sure! Great idea, Claire!

All of these layoffs and closings are really sad...hope you make it through the cuts!

kenady said...

chocolate can make anything better. you are so sweet.

tough times ahead. for everyone. this type of stuff affects everyone, whether you're the one who kept the job or lost the job.

good luck.

Claire said...

Thank you everyone - someone else is making a Red Velvet Cake - and we haven't missed the fact that it is Friday the 13th!!!

terri said...

How sad to watch things slowly slip away like this. You have a good attitude. I have a favorite coffee mug that says something to the effect of... There is no stress that chocolate and prayer can't cure... I might have to post a picture of that.