Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Economy and My Life

This week they announced that they are outsourcing the printing of the newspaper and laying off 58 people in the press and production department of our newspaper where I work. They have stopped the matching 401k and all pensions are frozen with more layoffs coming up - but - because of a nifty thing called the *WARN* Act they now have to give us 60 days notice instead of two weeks before laying anyone else off. All of our artists have been laid off except for two full time and two part time artists and the artwork and design of the our newspaper ads is all outsourced to the Phillipines.

This is a quote that I keep on my refrigerator from my Streams in the Desert book - November 27th reading:

"Face it out to the end,
Cast away every shadow of hope on the human side
as an absolute hindrance to the Divine,
heap up all the difficulties together recklessly,
and pile as many more on as you can find;
you cannot get beyond the blessed climax of impossibility.
Let faith swing out to Him.
He is the God of the impossible."

I refuse to lose my sense of adventure in the twists and turns that my life takes - and what the next chapter is going to bring - God really is in control. I have been reading a really great book called, "In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day - How to Survive and Thrive When Opportunity Roars" by Mark Batterson. It is the perfect book for me for this time!


terri said...

These are scary times, but you are facing them with an amazing attitude. You'll be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Claire there are people who I would really worry about if they were laid off and there are those I don't. The reason being is their outlook on life and how they handle opposition. You are one I don't worry about because of your strong sense of self. I think no matter what is thrown in your direction you will handle it well. Come to think of it I've seen it already. And its all about your atitude. No matter what happens you will come out on top!

Train Wreck said...

Oh I love your refrigerator Poem! Beautiful. Funny in such a time of need, that people still insist on taking God out of the situation. I am not a bible thumper, but I do believe that if we are going to make it out of this mess, it will because of his help. Prayers to you my friend.

Kiki said...

Strong is defintely one word that describes my mom, not a victim is another...we pull ourselves up, shake off the dust and get on with it. I learned that from my of the best lessons she taught me.

The Mrs. said...

I love that quote!!! What a great post and how amazing that quote is and how truthful! Thank you for posting this. Inspiring! Have to get that book!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Those are nasty cuts!

Love your attitude to it all though!