Friday, February 13, 2009


The word is out - there is not going to be an announcement of layoffs today - "they" say it will be next week and "they" say it is going to be 23 or 28 people laid off depending on who you are listening too.

Good news - I brought the brownies in and another co-worker brought in homemade Red Velvet Cake - and Bojangles just came by and dropped off boxes and boxes of heart shaped biscuits (they are right down the road from our office) - so we are eating our way into oblivion!

More good news - suppose to be 70 tomorrow and Sunday and I am taking my books and going to the beach!!! I'll go for a really good walk and then sit in my beach chair and do some reading!!! Time to regroup!!!


kenady said...

that sounds divine:)

glad the announcement didn't happen today, but not excited that an announcement is still going to happen:)

Chief Rock Chef said...

The delayed announcement is a bit of a double-edged sword isn't it? But at least you are having a great cake day!

Wish our weather was that good!

terri said...

That is completely unfair that they are hanging the layoff announcement over your heads like that! I hope you can maintain some peace about the whole situation. A day at the beach with some good books sounds like just the ticket.