Monday, January 26, 2009

Full Weekend!

Friday night I went out to dinner with my Mom and my sister - and when we got to the restuarant my brother and his wife were there and they seated us next to each other! I had really good salad and fish and chips - in fact we all did except for my sister-in-law.

Saturday my niece came over - she is my personal trainer - and we worked out for an hour. I have to say that this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I have not been exercising and it appeared that I was only going to do it sporadically at best - and then Karen came to mind and I called her - she comes to my house twice a week - the holidays messed the schedule up a bit but we are back on track now - there is no escaping her - she is knocking at my door - the decision has been made and I am going to exercise. She has me working out with 5 lb. weights - for now - crunches - standing push ups - stair climbs - she really explains things to me and makes sure that I am doing them right - every time. My goal this week is to exercise for 20 mins a day between now and her next visit on Saturday! and write down what I am eating.

Saturday night I went out to dinner with Kik, Ken and his family - Olive Garden - ohh the breadsticks! I did eat a salad.

Sunday I went to church - came home at 10:45 - changed - got back in my car and drove to the Mariott Grande Dunes to work a Bridal Show handing out my brochures and brides's magazine for my newspaper to all the brides and their moms - because I write the weddings and engagements. Had to work that show from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. - left there - went home - changed my shoes and drove to my Mom's house so we could all go to the Long Bay Symphony at 4 p.m. because we have season tickets - just writing this is exhausting! The program was excellent and the last thing they played was Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky - and the music was so powerful and wonderful - the whole orchestra seemed to enjoy it - you could just sense that wonderful magic when everything comes together and the performance really becomes perfection! Everyone gave them a standing ovation and cheered and clapped.

I am reading a wonderful book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. The story and people are really great - it is about the British island, Guernsey, and how it was occupied by the Nazis. You want to laugh and cry when you read it - though I did lend it to my next door neighbor and she returned it after awhile and said she didn't care for it because it was written in the form of letters - which I find really great - maybe because I'm being allowed to read other people's very interesting mail! I can't wait to see how it ends - but then I don't want it to end. Two other books have been recommended to me, The Space Between Us by Thrity Unger and Snowflower and the Secret Fan. Has anyone read them?


Chief Rock Chef said...

No wonder you fell asleep on Saturday evening!

Good luck with the exercise etc. Hope you post your progress!

Claire said...

I did take measurements before I started - so I am getting curious about the difference - I can feel the difference in just my strength.

Teresa said...

Good for you Claire! I'm excercizing also now. I find that it will help with the new thyroid med and I want to get off the cholesterol meds and switch to something natural so I'm making a huge effort. It feels so good!

I think I'd like to read a book in the form of letters for the very same reason as you! :)

terri said...

You are keeping busy, that's for sure! It's great that you have someone to keep you motivated! Way to go!

The book sounds great! I love reading books in that style. (Kind of like reading blogs!) Will have to check that one out next.