Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The place where I work has laid off six people and fortunately for my immediate team one person there had already announced they were retiring so that helped us escape this first round of "changes."

I really have a sense of peace about all of this as I really believe God is in control of all the changes in my life - and even though at the time it appears as a disaster to family and friends it always ends up as a blessing in some way. Sometimes the only blessing has been that I have been able to put my arms around someone and have been able to whisper that I understand and they really know I do - and that always encourages me to persevere.

I have been going to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Seminar for the last 12 weeks and that has really helped me financially and given me a sense of being in control of my finances and getting better all the time. This is my second time through the seminar and I will probably do it again when they offer it! Math has never been a good subject for me (ok - it is my worst subject!) - but I have determined to control the money and not let the money control me and this seminar has really given me tools to do this - and prepared me for the next chapter in my life.

When I see changes appearing on the horizon the best thing I can do is to be prepared to the best of my ability - no matter what the outcome!


Kuckie said...

What a great attitude, Claire! Good luck, even though I know you don't need it!

Kiki said...

Momma, I am so proud of what you are accomplishing all on your own...you are so brave and bold!!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

The job I had before this one was aweful and ended when the place closed down. One of the best things that happened to me.

Love your positive attitude!

Logziella said...

Your attitude is awesome! You are awesome Claire! You never cease to amaze me!

You know I LOVE Dave!