Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Orange Gelee!!!

Maybe it was in my senior year of high school - I'm not sure - but anyway - by college the addiction was firmly entrenched - my addiction to Bain de Soleil Orange Gelee suntan stuff (can't call it lotion - can't call it cream) - my friends and I loved it - and of course I have stopped using it - but a fresh tube of the stuff signified the true beginning of summer!

My daughters love to talk about how I would put it on and then go in the water with them and they would try to grab hold of me and just slip right off!!! They say that I "slathered" it on - which isn't true - the stuff was too expensive to do that!

I have instructed my daughters that when I am in the hospital on life support and they don't know whether they should turn it off or not that they should go and buy a tube of Bain de Soleil - bring it to the hospital - unscrew the top and wave it under my nose - and if I murmur the word "beach" there is still hope for me - keep the machines going!


Rock Chef said...

You are so cool - we are fanatical about putting sun cream on our kids - at the end of summer they are the whitest kids in town, you would think they never went outside!

Beach! Love it.

Claire said...

Rock Chef - Kik saw me last night with the sunburn that I got from the beach on Sunday and threatened to blog about my Bain de Soleil - so I decided to do my version first! I do go to the dermatologist every year and usually do the hat and lotion thing but I grew up in a time when my Mom was always saying, "Get some sun on your face!! or get out in the sun and get some color!"

Kiki said... is the deal, my mother would plop herself down on her chair and slather herself with this lovely salve...then wave her hands at us and so "Go play girls..." When my mom is at the beach it is serious business, but she has to stop with the over exposure...please tell my mom everyone, we need an intervention!!!

Rock Chef said...

Kiki - you could always swap her stuff for Factor 50 sun block!

Out of Hand said...

I am not sure how we grew up loving the beach so much considering it was filled with rules. Where sand can and can't far away is too far away...what food we can and can't eat...but we all love the beach! Going to the dermatologist and having the damamged removed doesn't make it ok to add more. Buy yourself an unbrella.