Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday Mornings

I love to get up on a Sunday morning - it is quiet - I go downstairs and usually fix myself breakfast - eggs - bacon and a cup of tea - have my quiet time - I read Streams In the Desert every morning and then I have a Bible reading program from Daily Walk that I am reading through the Bible with (helps me get through some of those Old Testament books) - I'm in Ezra right now - then I get ready for church. I was raised in a formal Presbyterian church - grew up as a little girl wearing white gloves and a hat - I don't know how my Mom did it - I could barely find matching socks for my four girls - anyway - now I go to a Vineyard church and I wear jeans and a top and sandals and I'm done -

This new habit has developed for me on Sunday mornings from my daughter, Lauren, giving me a Starbucks gift card - now I after church I go to Starbucks get my coffee and go back home - put my feet up on my wooden chest that serves as a coffee table - open up my New York Times that I get delivered on Sundays and revel in the perfect Sunday morning (I always loved Kris Kristofferson's "Sunday Morning" song - though its different from my life)- I am just putting this out here because I think of all the Sunday mornings of getting a family of six up - dressed - breakfasted - and in the car in time for church - and that family of six included four daughters with long hair most of the time that had to be braided, brushed or tamed in some way and I am just saying that I appreciate the times in my life - and I do appreciate this time in my life.

Quote from the NY Times Magazine interview with Andrew Stanton, Oscar winning director of Finding Nemo and Bug's Life:

By his bed: "A stack of 6 to 12 books. My eyes are much bigger than my reader's stomach. I can read 3 to 5 at the time."

I love that line about the reader's stomach.


Logziella said...

I love reading and thinking from your perspective. I'm currently the one getting a family of 5 ready for church on Sunday mornings...ah...who am I kidding?...Chuck gets the kiddos ready and feeds them breakfast and lets me just fiddle with my hair and clothes on Sunday mornings...but still somehow it's still stressful. LOL!!

Claire said...

Thanks Logzie - Sunday mornings didn't start getting better until we started trying to have everything ready the night before - it was still a battle - but not as noisy!