Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A year ago on May 25th my Mom, sister, my mother-in-law, Kik and myself had dinner at Abuelo's, a wonderful Mexican restaurant here with murals and a painted blue sky with clouds on the ceiling and good food.

We were seated at our table and Kik came into the restaurant and saw us at our table and came walking across the room with her eyes on me and came straight to me and wrapped her arms around me and just gave me a wonderful hug - and held on and hugged me some more - we looked like we hadn't seen each other in years - but she was hugging me because she knew it would have been my 39th wedding anniversary that day. That hug meant so much to me that I wrote about it in the little notes I write in my devotional book that I read everyday, Streams In The Desert.

This Sunday I went to church and when I was leaving I got a text message from Kik asking me if I wanted to meet at Bob Evan's Restaurant for brunch - of course I did - and I drove over to the restaurant - they were all seated - Kristen, Ken, his mom and stepfather, his sister and her son - and I came walking in across the restaurant and Kik looked up and saw me and stood - opened her arms - and once again gave me the wonderful comfort of a hug - because it would have been my 40th wedding anniversary.

And I am writing all this to encourage us all to give the gift of hug to someone - that you may not even know they need it - but just try it - or even just touching someone's elbow, I heard in a business seminar, gives someone great encouragement. The touching the elbow is really true - someone had done a study on it and it greatly improved people in the workplace sense of well being - think about giving a hug to your children - to your loved ones - a hug with no agenda - just comfort and concern.

And just to keep the truth going - all of my daughters called me and expressed their love and care of me and I was blessed.


Logziella said...

You have amazing daughters! Amazing!

I know exactly the blue painted cloudy ceiling...the Abuelo's in Tulsa had the same thing! I always loved it!

Kiki said...

Aw momma...

Chief Rock Chef said...

Hugs are good. I don't think we do it enough in England.

Like I have said before - you have a great family.

kenady said...

What a wonderful tribute to your family. Your girls are such wonderful people as are you:) I am sending you tons of hugs right this second! I hope you can feel them:)