Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baseball, Music and a MeMe???

The weekend was great - the Pelicans won - going into overtime - the fireworks were awesome and we saw a lot of old freinds and people that we knew. This is the 10th Anniversary year for the Pelicans. My sister and I each got a jumbo hotdog and I loaded mine up with saurkraut, mustard and onions and then we got Diet Pepsi's - I don't ever drink Pepsi - but it was the only diet drink they had and it tasted great!

Sunday was the last concert for the Long Bay Symphony for the season. My mom, sister and myself invested in season tickets in the fall and it was the best investment I have made in a long time - every concert was wonderful - the performance level was really high - and I have been to the Metropolitan Opera and Philharmonic in NYC and also the Houston Opera and I have to say that I am really proud of our orchestra here! I remember the first time I heard "live" music (besides church) was at Radio City Music Hall in NYC - and there the orchestra came up out of the floor while playing and the realization that all those people where making the sounds that I was hearing was a wonderful experience. I am one of those people that always would stop for street musicians in the city or subways - I love it all and it just captures me everytime when it is live and right there for me to enjoy! My Mom took us to Chili's afterwards for dinner so it was a really nice Sunday afternoon of music, food and good companions : )

Heather tagged me so here goes with 6 things about me - I told her I couldn't think of 6 things about me that she didn't know that I would want her to know and she laughed and said to write whatever I wanted to:

1 - I am now up to using 6 Splendas in my coffee with creamer and 4 Splendas in a Starbucks Latte Skinny Cinnamon Dolce with whip cream - oh yeah - Grande - I know I know it isn't in the right order. . .

2 - I expect used Q-tips to be wrapped in tissue before being thrown in the bathroom garbage.

3 - I have spent the last two Saturdays in my T-shirt and Sponge Bob Squarepants pajama bottoms

4 - Really don't like hair being brushed or combed near the dining room table or near the counters in the kitchen

5 - ditto to the sound of nail clippers (once watched a man in the pew in front of me when I was a little girl clip his nails during the sermon!!!)

6 - addicted to watching Antiques Road Show on Saturday afternoons


Rock Chef said...

I am with you on the live music, can't beat it whatever it is.

You wear Sponge Bob PJs? Fantastic!

kenady said...

What is it with the nail clippings? Do April and Lauren cringe at the sound as well?

Logziella said...

Okay Clare...now every single time I throw away a Q-tip...I think of you!! I never heard/thought of wrapping them in t.p. first. LOL!!

And brushing hair by or near the kitchen...I'm with you...GROSS!!


Kiki said...

Logzie, If we didn't wrap out qtips in t.p when we threw them out she would make us come back and do it, oh and if we ever left the wrappings from a band aid out...whew, watch out!!!

Momma, You are so cute!!!

Claire said...

I guess it is just stuff that makes life a little nicer for people - when I worked as a nanny out in Hamptons one summer my employer (who had a full time cook and housekeeper plus me as the nanny!)) showed me how nice it was to wipe the coffee pot off so there weren't any drips - I thought it was a little much - but as time goes on I realize that it is the "little touches" and considerations that make a life pleasant in a home whatever they may be to each one of us.

Rock Chef - I love my Sponge Bobs - have to find some more so I don't have to worry about wearing the ones I have out!!!