Friday, April 4, 2008

Keeping It Real

So last Monday morning I was getting ready for work - all dressed in my "professional" office look - getting ready to walk out the door - when I walked into the kitchen to get my favorite Diet Lipton Green Tea bottles to take to work and my bottle of V-8 Juice - opened the refrigerator door and was getting the bottles off the door when a large plastic container of homemade Potato and Leek Soup fell off the refrigerator shelf and landed upside down on the floor - exploding as it did so - all over my black shoes, up my black pants - all across the floor to the red rug in front of my kitchen sink --- you know the look - mouth hanging open - a loud "what-t-t-t-t-t--t???" coming from me - and the realization that the refrigerator door was quickly closing and was going to push the contents of the container under the refrigerator --- hands are full with the bottles - hip is trying to keep the door open --- trying not to walk anywhere because of the large globs of soup all over my shoes - trying to find something to prop the door open so the mess won't go to Stage Two (under the refrig) - got the door propped open with a pack of bottled water that was sitting on my kitchen floor - and started the clean up -

I refused to go change and towelled everything off - wiped up the floor - I just love paper towels (especially Bounty) - and got out the door - finally - laughing and thinking to myself - first the nail polish (still living with the "Jackson Pollock" effect in my bedroom) and now the soup!!!

Can't wait for next week!!!!


kenady said...

Hee Hee! I love your stories! So sorry about the soup, though. I know how you feel... but I had to change, twice. See, what had happened was B was not feeling well, so he let it all out all over me, the floor and himself. Later that day he told me he needed to put on a pull-up (he will not go poo poo in the potty), so I obliged and in the process ended up with runny poo on my jeans. So, the day was full of laundry and showers. What can you do? Laugh and go with the flow, I suppose. No use crying over spilled milk (or in your case... nail polish and potato and leek soup).

Rock Chef said...

Well we all know that things come in 3s, so what next? At least you manage to laugh about it - but I guess that is all you can do isn't it? What good does getting mad do?

Have a good weekend!

Out of Hand said...

Guess what I got to do this morning? Give Brooklyn a bath...why you ask??? She peed her crate when Suzy's daughter went in to see on a cold rainy day I had to bathe her. Although she sat still the whole time and only shook three times before getting her out the door. :) Thank God it is Friday!

Claire said...

Okay - so far my nail polish and potatoe and leek soup is looking reallllllly good next to vomit - runny poo - and dog pee - thanks everyone for helping me keep it in perspective!!! I love this "family"!

So sorry Heather - I know what that is all about - cuz you also had to clean the crate -

Logziella said...

Oh man!! That's the good thing about blogging...atleast these crazy "situations" are good for something...a laugh from your fellow bloggers! I know it helps me when I have those situations. I immediately start to think about how I am going to 'write' it out. LOL!!

Sorry about the mess!! :0)