Thursday, April 10, 2008

Foggy Morning

It was very foggy this morning when I got in my car and headed to work. I always turn to the left towards the beach and drive along the ocean as far as I can until I have to turn inland towards the newspaper building.

The fog reminded me of a summer when Kik was just 2 yrs. old and the two of us flew to Presque Isle, Maine to meet my 7 month pregnant friend, Judy. She was married to an Air Force pilot at the time and expecting her first baby. The two of us loaded up her car with our stuff and her Norwegian Elkhound, Nilka, and drove to Nantucket where she had rented a house for the month of August out in "Sconset" that was just a walk over the dunes from the ocean. A pretty little house with a white picket fence all around it to keep Nilka and Kik in. We had a wonderful time at that beach house - exploring Nantucket - meeting locals through the smiling charm of Kik and getting invited to cocktail parties amd all sorts of neat places as long as we brought Kik with us our little ambassador of smiles - and going for long walks - and sitting on the front porch after making amazing munchies and drinking white wine (it was before all the warnings of pregnant women and alcohol) - for two beach aholics like Judy and myself it was pure heaven!

But I digress - This one foggy morning we were up and getting ready to begin our day - when all of a sudden we realized that Kik was missing - I mean - poof! - and she was gone - we searched the house - searched the yard - branched out starting searching the neighborhood and of course running like crazy down to the beach - no Kik - Judy went back to the house - and there she received a phone call from a neighbor several houses down the beach asking if we were missing a little girl and a dog (I don't think we realized Nilka wasn't around) - would we please come and get them as the dog wouldn't let them get near the little girl - and there they were Kik and and her trusty guard dog Nilka - safe and sound - I always had a special place in my heart for Nilka after that - apparently Nilka saw her heading out and just stayed with her as she walked along - scary moments that ended well.


Etiquettely Correct said...

That was such a neat story. I love dogs! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love reading Kiki's blog. You obviously have a very special family.

PS I love me some tetris!

Rock Chef said...

What a great story - and what a great dog! I love Elkhounds!

You have just made me very happy that I nolonger have to worry about toddlers wandering off by themselves!

Logziella said...

Yah, lucky you guys...I still have to worry...every single day! Ha!

What a cute story...I wish I had a friend who had a house in Nantucket...that would be FUN!

Deb said...

Oh, no... you know how to make me cry every time! A lost daughter, a loyal dog, everyone recovered safely... as a mom, that stuff kills me.