Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Quiet Weekend

Totally quiet weekend - actually stayed in my "jammies" all day Saturday - did some cleaning and reading - a wonderful experience. I kept thinking I was going to get dressed and run some errands and it just kept getting later and later and finally I said, "Oh well."

Friday night I had gone to a potluck dinner for the Emmaus Weekend that I went on - amazing food - wish they had had the recipes available! Then it was late but I headed over to Kik's and hung out there while she helped me fix my profile and "tweak" some other things on my blog like the spelling of "potato" - while we watched Roman Holiday - didn't get home until after midnight - I'm not that far from her home but I went on this dark highway that has had sightings of bears and deer - so I drive in the middle of the three lanes in case I have to swerve to the right or the left (of course I don't slow down!) - anyway - I made it home safe and sound - though my imagination was going faster than my car!

Sunday I went to church - I go to a Vineyard church which is really laid back - great music - and the pastor wear's jeans and T-shirts and surfs and the people are very real - and I am saying that coming from being raised a Presbyterian - anyway - my daughter and husband in DC had given me a Starbucks card so I ventured in after church to the one right near my home - and told them that I really like my coffee to taste like melted coffee ice cream and what would they recommend? I got a "skinny cinnamon vanilla latte with whipped cream" and I am hooked!!! Took it home - sat on my couch drinking my latte and reading my Sunday New York Times --- heaven!!! Went to a family birthday party in the afternoon and then stopped at the beach and watched the surfers (big waves and about 25 surfers in the water) finsihed reading my mystery book and came back to my place and that was that - no spills - no drama - a much needed quiet weekend!


Logziella said...

Sounds FAB!

I have been to several Vineyard churches (visiting) and I like them very much! I even ended up at the one in Toronto during that revival about 12 years ago. That was just to visit too.

That latte sounds heavenly.

Rock Chef said...

What a great weekend! I love watching surfers too, but I only get to do it if we visit relatives in Cornwall. The locals only get to do wind surfing and the waves are too small for it to be interesting to the spectator.

Claire said...

Rock Chef - I love watching surfers - and I love body surfing myself - diving under the waves and looking up at the sun coming through - love it when the waves are big - I even buy surfing magazines every once in awhile because I really love to look at the photos of the giant waves and the surfers

Logzie - I really feel at home with my church - some of my friends from NY think the music is loud (not you Linda) but I love it!