Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rambo at Sam's

Soooo - tires were purchased for my car at Christmas time from Sam's and my son-in-law, Ken, had commented the other day that my front tires looked low and I should have them checked and I decided that yesterday at lunch I would take my car back and see what they thought.

I was all dressed up - skirt - pantyhose - heels - nice top - because they are my lightest clothes and I had to weigh in at Weight Watchers yesterday (lost 1 lb.) - my feet were killing me by lunchtime though - so I drove over and pulled in a parking place opposite the bays and saw a gentleman standing there and told him my problem and asked if I needed to go in to the desk first and he said that I had to - which was ok with me - so I traipsed around the building - went in the door - showed the door lady my card and went right to the tire desk - explained the problem - the man said to just pull the car up to the bay and he would check it right away - so - I turned to go back out the door I had just come in 1 1/2 mins. ago and the door lady stops me and tells me I have to go all the way to the other side of the store and go out the exit - I looked at her - and said, "Ma'm my feet are killing me and I just have to go to the tire place please don't make me walk all the way over there" - and she told me I still had to - I looked at her and asked her what she was going to do to me if I didn't and she started to "bluster" and I said "Goodbye" politely and walked out the door and got my tires looked at.

I was not trying to be rude or ill-mannered and I know she was doing her job - but common sense was not going to let me "do the walk"! Was I rebellious - was this a question of situational ethics - would I have done it if I had little children and they were watching???? I still think I would say "yes"!


Logziella said...

I say you did the right thing!! Too often, we as Christians think that we just need to be walked all over in order to act like a Christian. I don't agree. Who would want that? I say that they were being unreasonable and redicilious. Anyone at the door that was "thinking" about it wouldn't have had a problem. I think you were kind and that is the important part. You could have used that as a teaching lesson if children were present. A lesson in responding in love...when you don't necessarily want to. Ha! Besides that, it was not a moral or ethicaly dilema. You did the right thing! You go girl!! :0)

Claire said...

Thanks! I have to tell you I felt so good - I guess "empowered" would really describe it - and it was such a small thing. I was always brought up "not to make a scene"! : )

Kiki said...

Mom, It wasn't illegal, immaoral or unethical...I pretty sure they didn't bring your picture to the local police I thin you did the right thing, plus as a woman she should have been sympathetic to your plight!!!

Rock Chef said...

I love it - you definitely did the right thing! There are too many 'rules' and not enough common sense these days!

Congrats on the pound, BTW - steadily does it!

Pheebs said...

Makes my feet hurt just to think about it so I say go get 'em Claire.....You know people just don't know where to stop anymore.....there is nothing like a line in the know let's just take the Mason Dixon line for instance. Were would we be if it really worked.....ooops! Just kidding welcome to the South.
I love you Claire.

Deb said...

I think people get a little power-hungry when they feel their actual sphere of power is a little limited. So they try to manage their narrow stations to the fullest.

You handled it politely and calmly and that's the best you can do when you're facing someone like that.