Wednesday, March 12, 2008

After The Weekend

I came back Sunday night and even as I write those words I feel homesick for the Emmaus Walk. It was truly an unbelieveable spiritual and emotional experience and I really don't want to talk about it too much in case there is an opportunity for one of you to go on one of these weekends someday.

I arrived on Thursday evening - without my watch or cell phone - and as the weekend progressed it was really amazing to realize how much I looked at my watch and how much I missed my cell phone (my sister had the numbers to call if she needed me in an emergency). As I went through the weekend asking questions the answer would be "Don't anticipate" or "Would you open your Christmas presents ahead of time?" - and you know what - they were right - it really became a time of real peacefulness along with a lot of challenges of learning to let go of all my need to control and accept that I was being taken care of!

There were terrible storms all day Friday and Saturday - fierce winds - pouring rain - and cold - but we all (27 women participants and staff) survived. We were only a block away from the ocean so I got to go on some walks by myself and Sunday was a sunny day!

I came back to work on Monday facing a storm of problems and Tuesday was even worse - but today Wed. was a lot better - I have a huge deadline tomorrow which I am working on - it always feels like a horse race - coming down to the "wire" to get everything done on time. It is never boring here - I used to say I wanted to work in a hospital or airport because something is always happening - well - you can add newspaper to that list.

The clothes never did matter - wish I had brought my sweat pants - Sponge Bob worked out fine but I am going to buy some decent pajamas for the next time or new pajama bottoms and matching T-shirts - no I am not making a trip to Victoria Secret!!! - more like the Sears Men's Dept.!!!

Adjusting to reality after a weekend like this is never easy - and looking for evidence of changes in your life after being confronted with some truths and hoping to change in some way is pointless - my family and friends will be the ones to know if there was a real impact this weekend on my life - I'm just trying to walk it out with God's help now.

And I lost 2.8 lbs. - with tons of snacks around -Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls, homemade Apple Strudel - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - homemade cookies - and delicious meals all weekend - God provided healthy choices - fruit and lots of bottled water!!!


kenady said...

I am elated to hear that your weekend was just what you needed! It is nice to let go of the control every once in a while. Hope you met your deadline:)

Kiki said...

Momma, I am so glad that you had a good time, that it was what you needed and am so proud that you were able to stay with your WW plan and eat right!!! Of course I'm glad you're home and back with us and that I can get a hold of you when I want.