Friday, March 14, 2008

Thoughts for the Weekend

Crazy week at work - I am responsible for the church ads that go in for all the Easter events - and that means two full pages of display ads for churches for this Saturday - next Thursday - and then the Saturday before Easter. So the first Sat. is over with until it publishes tomorrow morning and if something is wrong my phone will be blinking when I come in on Monday morning.

I love to go home to my cozy townhouse. I usually come in - put my things down - and sit on the couch and just absorb the quiet - I look around at the artwork on the walls and the things I have around that bring me joy and reconnect with myself. I really tried to simplify this move - but the artwork is slowly climbing back on the walls and little bits of my life are appearing on the tops of bookshelves and tables and I realize they all make me happy.

One time when my grandfather was over at our home - he sat on the couch and looked around and said, "You know being in your living room is like sitting in a scrap book of your life!" - I loved it that he felt that way. He would be happy to know that a copy of one of his paintings is hanging on my wall. Another time when we were living in Pa. I asked a friend to stop by on her way home from work (she was a teacher) and she said, "Oh no, if I do that I'll come in and sit on your comfy couch and these two cozy arms will come out and wrap their arms around me and say-sit stay don't leave - and the next thing I know it's dinner time!!!" I loved it!

I once read a book called Open Home, Open Heart about hospitality and it really struck home with me to be able to have people over and not make them feel sorry they stopped by or that your embarrassed by the mess and then make them feel uncomfortable even more - I want to have my home presentable and a pleasure for those who come by - but more than anything I want everyone to feel welcomed and glad they came to visit even if I have to move some things off the couch so they can sit down.

I just made myself smile because I thought to myself - Blogging is like having people over for coffee and you don't have to worry if the dishes aren't done!


Linda L. said...

Hello Claire,
I miss you and I want to come OVA!!!
and eat and laugh.
I'm commin soon!!!

kenady said...

I love what you said about your house being like a scrapbook of your life. That's what I want my house to be like. Thanks for the coffee:) I'll be back soon!

April Joy said...

Good post mommy! I miss the couch, the letters, late night TV, the harley's rushing by, and you and i whispering to each other in the dark...

Rachael Rae Diaries said...

wow this was an excellent post! I felt like I was actually with you, in your home, relaxing! It was very realistic! thank you so much for sharing! Oh and that cup of coffee was just how I like it! LOL.