Thursday, March 6, 2008

Weekend Away????

Tonight I am being picked up from work and taken to a retreat called the Seaside Emmaus Retreat. Friends of mine invited me to go to this a couple of months ago and when they suggested it it seemed like such a good idea.

I am going not knowing anyone that is going to be there - and knowing really nothing about the weekend - apparently that is part of it - letting people find out for themselves without any preconceived ideas. Right now it is making me very nervous - I am allowed to take my cell phone - I guess I am making this sound a little scary "Moonieish" and I shouldn't because whenever I tell anyone that has been before they look at me and tell me how this is going to be a wonderful weekend for me - especially after everything that has been happening. So it comes down to just trusting this as another part of God's plan for me and rest and relax in that and try and give up some of the control that I seemed to be clutching onto!!!!

Some of my concerns - totally not spiritual -
- What to wear at night - my Sponge Bob Square Pants pajama bottoms and T-shirt top?
- What to wear during the day? Is everybody going to be wearing "matchy matchy outfits" or jeans, T-shirts and flip flops????
- What are the dressing and undressing situations? - I am not like my daughters and really like my privacy!
-and what about eating? I am doing Weight Watchers and I realllllllly want to stay on program

I will let you all know on Monday how it went - and anybody who wants to can be praying for me!


kenady said...

Sounds divine! As far as your concerns are concerned... first and foremost, who cares what everyone else is wearing? You wear what you feel most comfortable in:) And I am sure that there will be a changing room, at the bare minimum, for you to change clothes in. Remember the things that you have learned from weight watchers... such as halfing your portion when you receive your order, etc. And the most important thing.. HAVE FUN!

Now I realize that you will not read this until you return on Monday, but thought it was all worth mentioning anyway!

Hope you have a blast and can't wait to hear all about it in your next post:)

Kiki said...

Oh Momma, you will be fine and you know it will great!! Wear what you want when you want and if these people are truly the Christians we expect them to be then they should not judge.

Be mindful of what you learned from weight watchers like Kenady said and you will be fine!!!

As for changing go to the bathroom and change in there...

Logziella said... have peeked my interest BIG TIME! But...I am afraid that they might swear you to secrecy and then you won't be able to tell us! Please NO! LOL!!

I am praying that you'll have fun and much needed relaxation.

Can't wait to hear all about it...hopefully! LOL!