Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ohhhhhhhh - Ohio

These two weeks before Easter and the two weeks before Christmas are just about my busiest times at the newspaper - and this time it is even worse because I am leaving Thursday to go to Akron, Ohio for my niece's wedding. So I have lost two whole days and I am scrambling to get everything done, proofed and released for publication!!! The race is on!!!

I love road trips - with compatible people. This one is with my Mom and my sister and we are going up through the mountains of West Virginia which is really a great ride - I just don't want to do it in the cold weather!!! My sister and myself are doing Weight Watchers - so we will have good healthy snacks this time instead of my all time have-to-have Strawberry Twizzlers, Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls and Whoppers - those are just basic road trip supplies. We always have good talks - arguments about the drivers driving ability and choices - listen to books on tapes - and I always have my crocheting with me. I can't read in a moving car but I can crochet - I haven't figured that one out.

When my husband, Alex, and my youngest daughter April and myself were driving in a U-Haul truck in our move from L.I. to Myrtle Beach we had to go through the weigh stations - Alex told me he was worried that we might be too heavy and not pass the "test" - he suggested that the two of us get out and walk around and let April drive through the weigh station - I always love picturing that in my mind! The three of us sat in the cab of the truck with April and I taking turns holding her gerbil in a cage on our laps - memorable!

I'll be back Monday - hope you all have a blessed Easter!


Kiki said...

Momma, I hope that you have a good the snow...I'll be enjoying the sun and warm weather here. Don't worry, I'll save some for you!!

Anonymous said...

Just enjoy it. God's way of reminding you there are other seasons out there to enjoy once you cross "the waterway"'ll be suprised at how little green there is and be thankful once you get back to your pocket of early spring. Can't wait to see you. Oh yeah, look forard to seeing your grandkids...:)

kenady said...

Hope you have a safe journey! Can't wait to hear all about it over coffee when you get back:)

Logziella said...

The UHaul story was hilarious!!