Monday, March 3, 2008

End of a busy day

This weekend was a busy one for me.

On Saturday I went to the auction of my mother-in-law's furniture and things. I was really ok with it - but it was sad to see her things - that she was so happy with - just leaning against the wall and being held up to be bid on - and nobody knowing the importance of everything. A mother with children bid on the dining room table with six chairs and I was happy to see her get the set - and at least most of the things were acutally bid on and not just going for $5 or $10. Mary had finally gotten to a place in her life where she had nice new things and was able to decorate in pink to her heart's desire and I am glad that she was able to enjoy her place in Florida and then here as much as she did.

After the auction I went to Kik's home - we ate together, Ken, Kik and myself and then set up the blog - watched a movie (or several at the same time) - and I kept saying I have to go home - but didn't until I guess around 11 - it was just so nice and cozy being there. Their home has a sense of calmness and peacefulness that I always appreciate.

Sunday night I had a funeral to go to of a friend from my church who was only 55. The service was held in the same funeral home that we had my Dad's service in 5 yrs. ago and they also helped when my husband, Alex, died 3 yrs. ago. I left right after the service - but - met a friend outside who ended up coming over to my place for a cup of Orange Mandarin Herbal Tea and a good time of catching up and talking - felt really blessed to end the evening with my friend.

There was a real sadness and poignancy to the weekend and also a sense of closure and being able to "go through and come out the other side."

So today is Monday and I am back at work - and I am really on the other side with really big deadlines hovering on the horizon!


kenady said...

I know what you mean about visiting Kiki's:) I just wish I lived closer so I could go over anytime I really wanted and hang out.

Sorry to hear about your friend... it is such a tragedy when someone passes so young.

Glad you are on the other side and sure hope you made your deadlines:)

Kiki said...

Mama, I am so proud of you and your posting!!! Great job!! I am also glad that you like our home, we love having you....