Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Hate Exercising!

When my children were at home they were never allowed to say the word "hate." Intensely dislike was the phrase we used - but I'm just saying that I really hate exercising. Yesterday I put it off all day and then had a long phone call from a dear friend and when we got off the phone - after midnight - I knew I still had to do my exercises and I did them - unwillingly. This morning I got up - dragging - but determined to do them and get them over with and I have.

Food Intake for May 25th:
Peanut butter sandwich on diet rounds
whole grapefruit

Cheddar Cheese
7 Crackers
Diet Green Tea

Spaghetti at my sister & mom's - no second helpings-miracle!
1/2 glass wine
lowfat ice cream
THEN: 8 Manzanilla Olives, crackers, cheese - I know the salt is bad too

5 bottles of water!!!


Exercise - CHECK!!!

2 scrambled eggs w/ grated cheese
2 bacon strips
1 bottle of water

Quiet Time - check

Forward and onward!


Sara said...

What about going for a walk? I have found, after years and years of trying, that is the only kind of exercise that works for me...

Even 15 minutes here and there throughout the day will add up over time...

Claire said...

There is really a great walk all along the ocean right where I live - but - I really don't want to walk outdoors with people watching right now - and the video I do is a Leslie Sansone 2 Mile Walking tape with arm exercises. I like having my water and bathroom nearby : ) By you writing this though - what I think I might try and do is go for a walk after dinner. I love the photos of your walks!

jenelle said...

Keep up the good work.

Rock Chef said...

How about cycling? That is great exercise, won't hurt you like jogging can and you get to admire the scenery as you go!

OK, I am biased...

Claire said...

Jenelle - thanks!

Rock Chef - When I visit my daughter in PA we're going to try biking - she has a bike and helmet I can borrow and try it out. When I was young : ) I LOVED to go bike riding - you're in total control!

terri said...

I usually have a hard time getting myself to the gym, but once I'm there, I'm glad. And after I've made it through my run, I feel good. But it never fails. When it's time to go again, I have to talk myself into it.